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Insomnia 24/7 - Stats
1 Insomnia 24/7
Free Debian shells. Linux kernel 3.9.2 + all the normal tools. Unlimited diskspace, background processes and bandwidth (100 mbit). HTTP, PHP, CGI, FTP, SSH, compilers for C, C++ (+boost libs) gcc & clang, Fortran, Haskell and google Go, mpi compilers, Node.js, Python 2 & 3, Perl, R, Ruby 1.8 & 1.9, Tcl, screen, tmux, a subdomain and usermin are standard. SVN- and git-repositories, MySQL, CouchDB, VPS, domain hosting and additional software packages are available on request. for more information.
Category: Free Shells | Movement: Neutral
This Week 116
Average 128.5
Blinkenshell - Free UNIX shell accounts - Stats
2 Blinkenshell - Free UNIX shell accounts
Providing free Linux shell accounts since 2006. Services include IRC access (irssi, weechat, screen), IM clients (bitlbee, pidgin/finch, mcabber), web hosting, E-mail services (IMAP/SMTP, webmail, alpine), compilers (C, C++, perl, python), network diagnostics (ping, traceroute, whois, dig) and much more. 100 MB quota. IRC access via IPv4 and IPv6 (one connection per IRC network). Bots and bouncers only allowed on paid accounts. #blinkenshell @
Category: Free Shells | Movement: Neutral
This Week 65
Average 95.2
3/5 - Free Shell accounts instant account creation - Stats
3 - Free Shell accounts instant account creation is offering free shell acounts on a Freebsd server and is the only place with instant account creation. Our server is not highly restricted and allow backgroud processes and IRC access. We have ipv6 connectivity and offer 250mb space. Any system utitlites not on the server can be requested to be installed.
Category: Free Shells | Movement: Neutral
This Week 47
Average 64.5
5/5 - Stats
Wooah the good people at 607 Hosting are offering free Linux shells Limited to the first 100 users DONT MISS OUT on a Great Account on a Kick ass Server. 200mb space, 2BG, Screen, BitchX, IRSSI,EGGDROP, psybnc, kick ass VHOSTS and more
Category: Free Shells | Movement: Neutral
This Week 27
Average 49.7
4/5 - Stats
FreeBSD server, access to a number of programs and utilities, Including but not limited to: games, email, chat, web space, programming utilities, archivers, browsers. 2X Intel Xeon dual core 2.4Ghz, 4GB RAM. 200MB Disk quota, Web space.
Category: Free Shells | Movement: Neutral
This Week 15
Average 29.8

  Title - Description This Week Average Stats
6 - Free Shell Account Provider - Free shell account provider.Hosted on Linux CentOs 6 x32 in UK. .How to get it?Go to and sign up for an account! #xshellz for more shell informations.No SSH tunneling or IRC if you didnt donate 1$ per month.
Category: Free Shells Neutral
14 23.2 Stats
7 Fewona Free Shells - Fewona is a unique Free Shells Provider - free eggdrops, free znc, free irssi, free webhosting, free php and mysql, python and perl are available and many more free stuff! We have 5 shell servers and we give loyal and active users an account in more than one of them! So if you follow the rules and are nice to others in #fewona you will get another account in a different shell server :) Have your channel protected by 3-4 or even 5 eggdrops from different host and ISP! We also have IPv4 and IPv6 vhosts :) Join us in IRC and you will find a nice and friendly community there :) Enjoy and have fun
Category: Free Shells Neutral
15 19.3 Stats
8 planaxis shell - Click register at Requires valid email. Ubuntu 13.04 3.8.0-33 5MB space, SSH, FTP access gcc,g++,Perl, Python. Outgoing TCP transmission control block only. Updated hourly.
Category: Free Shells Neutral
7 16 Stats
9 one-click shell access - Free Linux shell account without any registration. Accessible by plain web browser, no installation necessary. Includes network access. Session limited by 15 minutes.
Category: Free Shells Neutral
12 15.6 Stats
10 Rooted Kernel - Free CentOS shells incl. subdomain with SSH, FTP, HTTP, PHP 5.3 and MYSQL. (eggdrop not allowed) irss is installed. Development tools include: gcc,g++,javac,perl,python,ruby,GO,etc. All is based on fair use. Core 2 Duo E6600 + 4GB ram; new software upon request
Category: Free Shells Neutral
7 14.3 Stats
11 TuxShells - Providing free shells! Please read our rules. Unlimited Foreground processes! - 2 background process - Access to GCC / Make / Compiling tools - Free Email address- Free Website!! - Free ZNC bouncer upon request - Other programs can be installed upon request! - Core i7 processor, 1gb Ram, 100MBit link
Category: Free Shells Neutral
7 13.7 Stats
12 Shellium free shell accounts - Server: Debian Etch, 100Mbit connection -- Services: Free BNC psybnc, Free eggdrop, 100MB quota, webmail, user websites, CGI, imap, sftp, phpmyadmin, 2 mysql databases, 2 postgre databases, able to compile programs, 2 background processes, over 6 shells to choose from(fish, bash, tcsh, csh, dash, sash, etc.)
Category: Free Shells Neutral
6 10.6 Stats
13 - OpenBSD server - services: pop3/web email, webspace, the complete set of UNIX/Gnu tools, quota: 2M
Category: Free Shells Neutral
6 9.7 Stats
14 Anapnea - Open Gentoo Linux shell network. 1GBit uplink. Network tools, full development environment, email, webspace, games, tutorials, SCP/SFTP access. Very active community on IRC! No servers/daemons/bots/BNC, but irssi/screen is allowed. 256MB disk quota.
Category: Free Shells Neutral
4 9.5 Stats
15 - Server: Debian Linux -- Services: SSH/SFTP, GNU tools, gcc, g++, make, Perl, Tcl, Python, Bash, php, perl, mysql, irc, bitchx... Quota: 500Mb --- If users dont say !keep on IRC channel at least once in a 168 hours period their account will be deleted! (hm, hm!?)
Category: Free Shells Neutral
3 9.3 Stats
16 Free Linux Console Community - Free Linux Shell Accounts
Category: Free Shells Neutral
6 9.2 Stats
17 Free OpenBSD Shell Provider - is a new OpenBSD based free shell account provider with a focus on providing an extremely stable and secure environment. We have 100Mbit connectivity (Level3, Global Crossing, WBS-Connect), full nightly on-site & off-site backups, access to all standard tools - compilers, IRC clients, mail clients and editors, no outbound restrictions; secure mail access via smtp-auth+tls, IMAPs, POP3s, fully implemented resource allocations and other goodness including Wolfman. Our project aims to create a tight-knit IT related community, made up of engineers, developers and unix enthusiasts. We are not an eggdrop/bnc/ircd host.
Category: Free Shells Neutral
6 8.8 Stats
18 Global Shellz - Provides free shell access to members. We are running multi-home 100Mbit pipes, multiple servers across the globe with mirrored home directories, automatic off-site home directory backup, 100mb quota, public_html support, IRC access, Eggdrop/Supyboy support, 2 BG process, forums, gcc support, free email w/webmail and anti-spam screening, Icecast2 Broadcast Access, 2 dedicated ports, TeamSpeak3 Server Access plus additional member levels with additional access to Perl, Python, MySQL, additional bg processes, additional ports etc for small donations. Join us @ #Globalshellz
Category: Free Shells Neutral
3 8.7 Stats
19 ShellsPk Free IRC Shells - Free Centos IRC Shells, Free 2 Bg Process Tcl , Perl , Ruby , Python , PHP , CGI , And Many More Modules Installed
Category: Free Shells Neutral
7 6.1 Stats

  Title - Description This Week Average Stats
20 ..::Drift Hosters::.. Free IRC Shell Accounts - Free CentOS Shells, DriftHosters Is a Unique Free Shells Provider - Free UnrealIRCD, Eggdrops, IRSSI, ZNC, BitcheX, MySQL, Python, CGI, Perl, Are Availnle Free 1 GB Web Disk Space, And Availbe With More Free Stuff, We Have 3 Free Shell Dedaicated Servers. And We Need Active Users For Shell Accounts, We Allow Maximum 5 Bg Process Per User, And We Have 10 Ipv4 And 20 Ipv`6 vHosts Available.
Category: Free Shells Neutral
5 4 Stats
They are non-profit organizations. They provide all kind of free services for the Internet Community, so don't hack them! If you have or know of any others, please add your site to the list or send me an email.

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