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21 Platinum Linux Non Profit Servers - Established in 1997 - probably the second oldest shell server on the Internet. Project consists of several machines in different localisations, running on Slackware 14.1 and Centos 6.5. Common sense is the only limit. In order to get an account you need to write an application using contact form and make a donation of $50 or attach a scan of your ID.
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22 SDF Public Access UNIX System, est. 1987 - Over 20 years on the INTERNET - Multiple border 200mbit connection - SIGs, Music Compilations, VPN, VPS, VoIP and Membership activities - Custer of 10+ DEC Alphas (DS20L) and AMD64 Opteron with ~68 disks / 4TB online of mirrored storage running NetBSD 4.x & 5.x - Members vote in new features and request software updates - Members contribute their own programs and tutorials - 200MB (free), 600MB and 1000MB disk quotas - Over 50 unique Virtual Host VHOST names for e-mail and webhosting - gcc, php, perl, python, clisp, ruby - User configurable email greylisting feature, SSH tunnel / port forwarding - Partnership with Colleges world wide for free, in most cases, remote learning - DSL as well 16,000+ Dialup access (PPP or SHELL) numbers in the USA and Canada - IRC, Jabber XMPP - project - user authored and maintained blogs, photogalleries, forums and more. - Virtual Private Network and Virtual Private Servers with IP4 assignment in our Class C. Supporter of the NetBSD project, The
Category: Free Shells Neutral
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They are non-profit organizations. They provide all kind of free services for the Internet Community, so don't hack them! If you have or know of any others, please add your site to the list or send me an email.

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