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Open Shells - Free Linux Shells, IRC, Bouncer - Stats
1 Open Shells - Free Linux Shells, IRC, Bouncer
We have been providing free services since 2000. Our free servers are primarily running Ubuntu. Services include IRC, irssi, weechat, znc, compilers, web hosting, eggdrop, C, C++, Perl, Python and more. We support IPv4 and IPv6. You are allowed 100MB of disk space to host your own website. Check out our site or join us in #openshells on freenode.
Category: Free Shells | Movement: Neutral
This Week 25
Average 231.2
Blinkenshell - Free UNIX shell accounts - Stats
2 Blinkenshell - Free UNIX shell accounts
Providing free Linux shell accounts since 2006. Services include IRC access (irssi, weechat, screen), IM clients (bitlbee, pidgin/finch, mcabber), web hosting, E-mail services (IMAP/SMTP, webmail, alpine), compilers (C, C++, perl, python), network diagnostics (ping, traceroute, whois, dig) and much more. 100 MB quota. IRC access via IPv4 and IPv6 (one connection per IRC network). Bots and bouncers only allowed on paid accounts. #blinkenshell @
Category: Free Shells | Movement: Neutral
This Week 30
Average 172.6
Insomnia 24/7 - Stats
3 Insomnia 24/7
Free Debian shells unlimited diskspace, background processes and bandwidth (100 mbit) and basically anything else we can think of to make our shells an awesome platform for developers. for more information.
Category: Free Shells | Movement: Up
This Week 61
Average 149.3
Shellium free shell accounts - Stats
4 Shellium free shell accounts
Server: Debian Etch, 100Mbit connection -- Services: Free BNC psybnc, Free eggdrop, 100MB quota, webmail, user websites, CGI, imap, sftp, phpmyadmin, 2 mysql databases, 2 postgre databases, able to compile programs, 2 background processes, over 6 shells to choose from(fish, bash, tcsh, csh, dash, sash, etc.)
Category: Free Shells | Movement: Down
This Week 29
Average 148.7
SystemShells Free Shell Service - Stats
5 SystemShells Free Shell Service
We are newly free shell service, for free shell account visit our website!
Category: Free Shells | Movement: Neutral
This Week 26
Average 101.6

  Title - Description This Week Average Stats
6 - Free Shell Account Provider - Free shell linux account provider. Distro: Debian 8 x86_64 with the latest kernel core and custom kernel patch to keep our users safe. You can run IRC bouncers, compile your code with gcc, use irssi for chit-chat and much more. Znc and eggdrop is pre-installed. Sign up for free shell at or visit us at #xShellz
Category: Free Shells Neutral
5 77.8 Stats
7 - Free Shell accounts, the best on the net in 2016 - Instant activation, 1bg, 1 IRC connection, free web hosting, ddos protection. Really the best shells on the net!
Category: Free Shells Neutral
2 50 Stats
8 Polarhome - is a non commercial, educational effort for popularization of shell enabled operating systems and Internet services, offering shell accounts, development environment, mail and other online services on all available systems (currently on different flavours of Linux, OpenVMS, Solaris, OpenIndiana, AIX, QNX, IRIX, HP-UX, Tru64, SCO OpenServer, UnixWare, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFly/BSD, MirBSD, Ultrix, Minix, GNU Hurd and OPENSTEP ). Since year 2000, became a demo site for Linux power and other Unix like systems popularization; unique multi-platform open source development realm and symbol for online freedom, feelings and other activities. ####FEATURES#### 30+ servers to choose from, IPv4/IPv6 access, 250+Mbps uplink, IRC, valid ident response with oidentd, eggdrop, 10 bg jobs, screen, own home page space, PHP, perl and python CGI, MySQL database, POP3 IMAP and webmail, telnet ssh and ftp access, Usermin admin panel, C/C++ and many other compilers
Category: Free Shells Neutral
4 40 Stats
9 This is Free Shells - DevilShell is a unique Free Shells Provider - free eggdrops, free znc, free irssi, free webhosting,free php and mysql, python and perl are available and many more free stuff! We have 5 shell servers and we give loyal and active users an account in more than one of them! So if you follow the rules and are nice to others in #DevilShell you will get another account in a different shell server :) Have your channel protected by 3-4 or even 5 eggdrops from different host and ISP! We also have IPv4 and IPv6 vhosts :) Join us in IRC and you will find a nice and friendly community there :) Enjoy and have fun
Category: Free Shells Neutral
2 34.8 Stats
10 one-click shell access - Free Linux shell account without any registration. Accessible by plain web browser, no installation necessary. Includes network access. Session limited by 15 minutes.
Category: Free Shells Neutral
3 33.4 Stats
11 Libreshell free & paid GNU/Linux shell accounts - Libreshell offers free/trial & paid GNU/Linux shell accounts. Our speciality are GNU/Linux shell accounts which are based on Free Software Foundation (FSF) certified distributions. The sign-up for free/trial shells is easy with a postcard.
Category: Free Shells Neutral
0 30.3 Stats
12 - Free Shells - Free shell service offering free shells to all.
Category: Free Shells Neutral
1 21.7 Stats
13 Free shells and paid shells - We provide free and paid shells. You are allowed to run ircd, psybnc, znc, compilers, bopm, eggdrop and programs like ruby, ruby on rails, perl, python, tcl, ssi
Category: Free Shells Neutral
0 21.4 Stats
14 Picrofo's Linux Shell - Picrofo's Linux Shell is a free online Linux shell access for everyone! Start your session immediately by creating an account and executing commands on a real Linux machine with 8 GB of RAM and 1000 Mbps unmetred bandwidth without restrictions! For educational purposes only.
Category: Free Shells Neutral
0 17.1 Stats
15 FreeShell Bulgaria - Free shell linux account provider. Distro: Debian 8 x86_64 with the latest kernel core and custom kernel patch to keep our users safe. You can run IRC bouncers, compile your code with gcc, use irssi for chit-chat and much more. Znc and eggdrop is pre-installed. Sign up for free shell at or visit us at #FShell
Category: Free Shells Neutral
2 15.3 Stats
16 Global Shellz - Provides free shell access to members. We run multiple servers across the globe with mirrored home directories, automatic off-site home directory backup, 100mb quota(MIN), public_html support, IRC access, Eggdrop/Supyboy support, 2 BG process, forums, GCC support, free email w/webmail and anti-spam screening, 2 dedicated ports. Additional member levels with access to Perl, Python, extra bg processes, added ports, more quota and more for small donations. Join us @ #Globalshellz
Category: Free Shells Neutral
0 11.4 Stats
17 Unix Public Shell Provider - Gentoo shell provider, 50MB disk quota, gcc/python, screen, 2 logins, incommng ftp connections, ticket support system, webspace, CGI scripts, mutt/roundcube, USA based ip, more options available to paid members.
Category: Free Shells Up
1 11 Stats
18 D-Shell Free ZNC Provider - This is a free ZNC provider. Here you can get your own personal znc account for free. If you're interested in signing up for an account come on in and join the chat! IRC: #d-shell @ . D-Shell is built around an online community with friendly and helpful users. This is a great place to be if you are looking for somewhere to learn more about UNIX, networking, programming or meet other people with similar interests as yours. Many use their shell accounts to run an always-online IRC client (screened irssi) or host a webpage for example. Read about some other common usage scenarios. It doesn't cost anything to use and does not provide any guaranteed uptime, availability, quality of service or any warranty. This is a hobby project!
Category: Free Shells Down
0 10.9 Stats
19 UnixSSH - Multi Free shell server. FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD/Solaris - - Multi free shell server where account is activated immediately after registration !. Shell features: HDD = 400MB MySQL = 100MB RAM = 512MB VRAM = 3500MB Number of processes = 20 - You can run IRC bot, IRC server, Screen - Personal website and vhost - Mysql (local and remote) - FTP access - SSH access to shell - Extensive programming environment (C, C++, Perl, Python, JAVA(1.6, 1.7), PHP, Mono) - A lot installed software on shell More information you can found on website
Category: Free Shells Neutral
2 10 Stats

  Title - Description This Week Average Stats
20 Bitcoin Shells - 2015-12-13 STILL HERE! MANY OF THE SERVICES LISTED IN THE TOP 10 HAVE MANIPULATED RATINGS. Free Gentoo Linux shell with with automatic account creation after you spend 6 - 12 minutes beating a telnet pong game! No PayPal / IRC / phone verification required. Pentium III and a 128MB quota. ALMOST NO BLOCKED PORTS! REAL IPv4 ADDRESS! SSH tunnels for a real SOCKS5 proxies allowed! Services: SSH, FTP, HTTP with CGI & FastCGI, finger, and talk. Background processes are allowed. irssi, znc, eggdrop-installer, psybnc, and others are installed already. Bandwidth is limited, so not ideal for large file hosting. Satisfied users of background processes are welcome to donate some Bitcoin change.
Category: Free Shells Neutral
0 7.2 Stats
They are non-profit organizations. They provide all kind of free services for the Internet Community, so don't hack them! If you have or know of any others, please add your site to the list or send me an email.

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